Tidhr Reader

My team made Tidhr Reader as our entry in Node Knockout 2013.

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Running web apps in Google Chrome App mode

20131111-desktop-screenshotAre you running a lot of web apps in Google Chrome? You can start them in a app mode.

...\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --new-window --app=https://www.google.com/calendar/

On Windows 7 I just copied Google Chrome icon on the desktop and edited properties to have these arguments.

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Tabs or spaces? I use both.

It seems most programmers don’t understand how tabs should be used in text files. (Since I always end up arguing about it.)

I use them both. Tabs to indent, spaces to align.

There really is no problems when you understand how it works.

For example here’s a simple function code:

<T>function example() {
<T><T>console.log('Hello World!');
<T><T>var foo = "bar",
<T><T>SSSShello = "world";
<T><T>return [foo, hello];

For ease of reading I wrote tabs with <T> and spaces as S.

Some readers will see my fictional tabulators with 4 spaces, some with 8 spaces — depending how they have configured their text editor — and I hope that’s their favorite amount of space. Please note: some users might be using GUI editor, where that could be set as 50 px!

Single S is of course written with single (1) space.

You say it will break somehow? I would like to know how. It really doesn’t unless you do something wrong.

Keep in mind that you cannot:

  • Mix tabs and spaces on the same horizontal (x) dimension in the file — of course that would break it! However likely for you, there’s never need to do that!
  • Never use tabs on the same line after you use spaces
  • Use broken text editor that converts your tabs to spaces on disk.

For more details see also this another blog post, Why tabs are clearly superior.

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