Resources for upcoming Node Knockout

Our team has gathered some useful links and notes for upcoming Node Knockout contest. These might be useful for others, too.

Node Knockout in general:streaming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter film

Online resources (Books etc):Watch movie online Rings (2017)

Useful Node.js libraries and tools:

  • Cradle — A high-level, caching, CouchDB client for Node.js. It has very nice and simple asynchronous interface.
  • NowJS — Easy to use browser vs server integration
  • — Sockets between client and server (and other servers with additional modules)
  • JADE template engine — A template engine. Not sure if this is the best choice, thought. It’s slow (for human) to transform HTML to JADE.
  • Express JS — A web framework
  • Forever — Keep node process running forever
  • underscore — General operations. Good thing: doesn’t modify global objects.
  • backbone — Lightweight MVC abstraction
  • node-init — Turn node.js into LSB-compatible init script
  • everyauth — Authentication module
  • BlueprintCSS — CSS Framework
  • lesscss — The dynamic stylesheet language

JavaScript IDEs:

If you know something else useful please tweet me or write a comment below!

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