HBO started at Finland

This month great things happened. HBO launched for customers at Finland.

That’s great improvement because we haven’t been able to watch these series instantly (not legally at least) before now — without waiting months or years for a DVD release or until our national TV stations bought those series — if they had enough money or interest to do so. Now we can pay directly to the source and watch them (almost) instantly — HBO is promising to publish their own series within 24 hours of US premiere.

We got Netflix some months ago, too, and I also have account there. However biggest problem with Finnish Netflix is that there isn’t much new content available and most of it is really old. Most content is so old that even our national TV stations have newer content. Of course that’s also a good thing — some of those are hard to find from elsewhere. (And yes, I know about the trick to watch US Netflix here but I don’t count it nor support doing that.)

Last week I got my invite to HBO. Of course there isn’t as much content as Netflix has but there certainly is newer content to watch — especially HBO’s own series.

Here’s a list of content available at HBO Nordic. Please note that it might have some mistakes because I made it with automated scripts.

HBO Nordic Series

HBO Nordic Movies

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