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Sulamo is a local (Finnish) online service for measuring and keeping track of multiple health related things. It has a good database of Finnish food products. It also now works on mobile which was one of the reasons I started using it again. It can tell you how much you need to eat or work out each day to make your goals based on the data you measure.

It has been about six weeks since I started using Sulamo and five weeks since I was diagnosed with diabetes and started treatments for it. Sulamo was also the reason I detected I had diabetes. I just started measuring blood sugar for no reason. Of course I know now that there was a lot of things wrong in my health which I just didn’t notice myself.

My blood sugar levels have been around 6.8-7.9 mmol in the morning now — it should be around 4-6.5. It was over 16 mmol when I started 6 weeks ago. My blood pressure was also high when I started. Today it was 123/82 which is normal. My weight has been dropping about 1 kg/week although my goal was 0,85 kg/week — I just cannot eat as much I should, I’m not hungry.

I went to play Ingress last Friday and walked about 19 km. I also had a heavy backpack with me most of the march. Last week I walked about 28 km. I couldn’t play as much as I would have wanted though. Usually I have done one or two this type of walks in a week.

Tomorrow I’m going to start to play badminton weekly. :-)

I recommend to buy something to track your activity. I bought a Mi Band. It was just 20 euros including postage to Finland. It can also measure your sleep quality.

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