I am an entrepreneur from Oulu, Finland. My company is Sendanor. I’ve been a programmer and system admin most of my life. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about everything on this blog.

I’m intuitive and spontaneous, preferring to take a much more “hands-on” approach to life. There are times when I may be a little scatter-brained and disorganized, but it’s not like I do it on purpose – with so much out there to explore and so many things to do, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everything!

It’s the “big picture” in life that matters most to me. I am often drawn to the abstract and mysterious, and enjoy figuring things out on my own. Being a visually-oriented person, I am likely much more adept at expressing myself through actions or designs rather than words.

All in all, my nature creates an insatiable desire in me to explore and understand why things are the way they are and what they could be. I refuse to be a passive observer, and will jump on every opportunity I can to mix things up and create a design of what life is meant to be: an endless and exciting adventure.

I like scifi/fantasy, reading, board games, and also sometimes experiment with cooking or baking. (Usually things that take a lot of time to prepare; like bread or Indian cuisine.)

Ingress (see a film about Ingress) is almost like a lifestyle for me. I enjoy that it is a game where you must move outside in the real world. I like walking long distances and Ingress has the most realistic world(*) to play in. (PS: I’m in the Enlightened faction.)

*) I mean our world. Nothing is more realistic than playing in a snowfall at a dark winter forest while it’s -30 °C.

Apparently my personality type is INTJ-T.

Instagram: @jheusala

My home page: jhh.me

jhh @ IRCNet

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